Greenhouse effect? Schonmal gehört? Dieser Artikel beschreibt den greenhouse effect und dessen Gründe, sowie mögliche Lösungsansätze, was wir dagegen machen können. Der greenhouse effect gehört zum Themengebiet Energy der Sekundarstufe II.

The greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect describes the process of absorbing the infrared radiation by the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.

But what does the greenhouse effect mean?

The incoming energy from the sun is reflected to the atmosphere by the earth. The problem is, that the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere absorb this energy and convert the energy into heat. This heat increases our global temperature and is the reason why the ice will continuous to melt faster.

What are the reason for the greenhouse effect?

Before I describe the diagram, I should say that there are two different types of greenhouse gases. The good or natural one, and the harmful, manmade gases. One of the biggest natural greenhouse gases is water vapor. Water vapor is also the most important gas, because without this, our earth would be about 33°C colder and life would be difficult or would be impossible for many creatures.

The bad or man-made greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, fluorinated gases and nitrous oxide.

According to the pie chart below, carbon dioxide is the main part, with a total amount of 82% followed by methane with (only) 9% in total. We can also see that the main reasons for the high share of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are the production of electricity (32%), the transport (28%) and global industrialization (28%).

And what can we do?

We can’t stop the process of the greenhouse effect easily but we can think about our lifestyle. Do we need a car or can we go by bike, public transport system or car-sharing to work? Do we need a 150Watt light bulb or can we also use a 10W LED low-energy bulb? There are many more questions everyone should ask themselves to think about their own lifestyle to reduce the air pollution and give the future generations a chance to live in a green world.